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Minggu, 04 Januari 2009

Israel split Gaza, all 500 victims killed

GAZA CITY, SENIN - on land vehicles and heavy layers of steel to move away to Israel in the Gaza Strip, territory that split into two parts, Sunday (4 / 1) local time. With the bombing of the sea, air, and land, Israeli forces seize positions on both sides of the Gaza City, and along the east-west road. Palestinian Health Ministry said more than 50 people killed since the operation began on land. Israel killed a soldier.

Previously, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney defending the land of Israel been. In an interview with CBS television, Cheney said the air attacks is not enough to destroy the rocket-firing by the combatants of Hamas to Israel. He also said Israel does not ask the blessing before the U.S..

Meanwhile, Israeli President Shimon Peres rejected the ceasefire appeal, but stressed the country does not intend re-occupying Gaza or destroy Hamas.

The European Union mission to fly to the area to conduct diplomacy efforts. Chairman of the Foreign Policy European Union Javier Solana said the crisis shows the failure of diplomacy.

Tremendous battle

In another development, Israel rudal one pound Shujaiya in a house, killing a mother with four children, said officials at the hospital Al-Shifa in Gaza City to the BBC.

At least 17 people killed and 130 injured when the rocket-missile ditembakkan Israel to the south of Gaza. Many statements that can not be confirmed. Israel prohibits entry to international journalists Gaza.

Once the night comes, the power off in many areas Gaza. However, kilatan explosion can be seen clearly from the northern border, as well as gunshot gun and tank cannon. During lunch yesterday, moving brush menjauh northern Gaza toward the area that has a more concentrated in the west, said the journalist.

Then, military sources and witnesses said Israel, tank-tank vehicles and heavy layers of steel to take Israel's position on both sides of the area, which cut into two Gaza's Karni crossing gates to Mediterranean Sea.

According to Hamas officials and witnesses, the main battle is now concentrated in four areas, namely the east Jabaliyah refugee camps; in the Zeitoun village east of Gaza City; in the coastal road near the location of the former Jewish settlement Netzarim, south of Gaza City and in uninhabited areas not in the middle of Gaza.

500 people killed

Palestinian Health Ministry said more than 500 Palestinian citizens killed, and the majority are civilians, since Israel started gempurannya nine days ago. As many as 2,500 other injured. A Palestinian child crying in fear. Most of the killed are civilians, said Palestinian medical officials.

On Sunday, Palestinian Minister of Health Dr. Fathi Abumoghli rein in Israel said the military movements ambulance, which caused the victims die before they get treatment.

British charities, Oxfam, also said that a nurse working for their partner died and two others injured in the bombardment of Israel.
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25 Combatants Palestinian rocket injure citizens of Israel 1

Jerusalem, WEEK-combatants in the Gaza Strip fire with rocket and mortar 25 to the region of Israel, Sunday (4 / 1), make a light wound. Been rocket attacks at Israel urges more troops into Palestinian areas. "One of the rocket-missile that directly strike a house in southern Israel town, Sderot. A woman has mild injury," said the medical officer.

About 20 long-range missile Grad, without falling victim near the city of Ashdod, the second largest port of the Jewish state, and the settlement Ofaqim and Netivod, the military said.

The Palestinian fighter in Gaza have been away a few hundred rocket and mortar to Israel since the Jewish state to attack large-scale goals against Hamas in the Gaza Strip on December 27. Israel at least four people died and several dozen other injured due to combatant Palestinian rocket attacks.

Meanwhile, on the eighth day Israeli air attacks killed at least 485 Palestinian people, and injure more than 2,400 people, according to medical officials in Gaza.
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Humanitarian Team Try Indonesia Sign In Gaza through Egypt

PETRA, WEEK - The beginning of the humanitarian mission to try to enter the Indonesian Gaza Strip Sunday (4 / 1) morning local time. At around 09.00 am or 14:00 WIB, entourage was leaving Amman, the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan to try to enter Gaza Strip to the Palestinians through the Egyptian border.

Entourage transit in Petra, 40 kilometers from Amman, which is the entrance gate, the vehicle would go to the border of Egypt-Gaza Strip. Travel-Egypt border to the Gaza Strip is estimated to be approximately 12 hours.

"With the addition of the immigration and security checks, travel along the 900 kilometeran is estimated to reach 12 hours," said Secretary of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Amman, Bachtiar Saleh rehat time in place of transit.

Lintasi Sinai desert

According to Bachtiar Saleh, to reach the border, the trip must be made from Amman to the Port of Aqabah the 300 km. Setiba at Aqabah, the team will cross over to the Taba area, the region is entering Egypt by ferry for 45 minutes. From Taba, ongoing journey toward the capital of Egypt, Cairo distance of 500 km.

"Nah ... round-trip Taba Cairo that we will run through Sinai desert," he said. He added if the journey smoothly, the team will arrive in Cairo at 21:00 as much time or Egypt on Monday (5 / 1) dinihari at 02.00 WIB.

The team should be first to Cairo because the Egyptian government requires that all who wanted to enter Gaza must obtain permission directly in Cairo. Director of the Middle East department of foreign affairs Aidil Chandra Salim, based on intensive communication with the Egyptian government, said the team without the exception of humanitarian Indonesia must follow the rules this game.

"Because the scale is so, then the team will be to the Indonesian embassy in Cairo Egypt, first to design how the team can go back into Gaza through Rafah," he said. Rafah is an area near the border from Egypt to Gaza to.

Previously, Indonesian humanitarian team for two days in Amman has completed the task of providing support two tons of drugs and cash worth Rp 2 billion from 1 million U.S. dollars promised to help the Palestinian people. Assistance provided through Jordan Charity who have access to enter Israel through Palestinian.

Member humanitarian team is the Chairman of the Crisis Control Center (PPK) MOH S dr Rustam Pakaya, MPH, Director of Middle East Affairs DEPLU Aidil Chandra Salim, from Lucky Tjahjono (KDP MOH), presidium MER-C Joserizal of Journalists, SpOB, dr Mohammad Mursalim (MER-C), Agus Kooshartoro off from the Indonesian Red Crescent (BSMI), dr Supartono Basuki (BSMI), and off-Rahman Arif (Muhammadiyah). Meanwhile, journalists who cover is Hanibal Widada Yudya Wijayanta (ANTV), Firtra Ratory (TV One), Mahendro Vishnu Wardono (Metro TV), Sahlan Basir (TVRI), Ismail Fahmi (TV One) and Fahmi Nirzam
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Iran considers Israel Land Seizures of Strategy

Tehran, Iran's government-WEEK mention land Israel attacks Gaza Strip in the strategy is a mistake and says Israel will never destroy the group Hamas. "The attack by land Zionis regime (Israel) is a strategic mistake and a goal to destroy Hamas will not be achieved because Hamas is one nation and one of the nation will never be destroyed," said Menlu Iran Manouchehr Mottaki who is quoted in a phone conversation with some sejawat Eropanya.

According to the news agency ISNA, Sunday (4 / 1), Mottaki had contact sejawat-sejawatnya in the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. "The Muslims in Gaza are facing one of the genocide, genocide and the most poor countries of the world must find a logical solution to the bloodshed and war is not balanced, or at least try to allow goods assistance to the people of the region," said Mottaki .

Garda Revoliusi Iran commander, General Mohammad Ali Jafari estimate that the Palestinian forces in Gaza will be a successful attack troops land of Israel. "People in Gaza with the growing difficulties and consider their morale, we will see the defeat of Israel in the next few days," said Jafari cited news agency ISNA.

Commander regrets that more attitude and a number of Arab countries said "we will never expect to show their green light violations enemies of Islam in parts of the Palestinian areas.

Beginning this weekend, without referring to a country in light of continued, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also charge that "they have a secret relationship and interests in Zionis they (Israel) should know that they will eventually go to hell together."
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Jumat, 02 Januari 2009

State of emergency in Gaza critical

UN warns that the Palestinian residents in Gaza mengadahapi food crisis and the severe health, while Israel continues air attacks entered the seventh day. "Emergency situation" that occurred despite increased delivery of humanitarian aid, said Maxwell Gaylard, head of the UN aid coordinator for the region. UN believes at least 100 of 400 people who died as a result of Palestinian actions as far as Israel is the civilians.

Israel says Gaza residents are still receiving enough food aid and medicines. Through a statement, Israeli foreign ministry said since the beginning of military operations of Israel, as many as 335 trucks containing humanitarian aid sent to Gaza. Israeli Foreign Ministry revealed the institute in cooperation with various international organizations in Gaza, including various government "to assess the humanitarian needs" and provide the necessary response.

All reports indicate that there are food and medicines needed in Gaza, said the statement. Maxwell Gaylard from the UN, said: "It is correct supplies into the Gaza Strip, possibly more than the previous weeks! A renowned international foundation, Oxfam, which runs a program in Gaza, warned that each day the situation worse ", while clean water, fuel and food is very poor. According to Oxfam, hospitals have been unable to accommodate the victims, and reported that the sewage overflow into the streets in some areas.

Israel strengthen control over what can enter and exit from the point that many patantai that after Hamas, elected in the general election, taking territory from Fatah troops 18 months ago. Since the United Nations to reveal the infrastructure of the poor, also with the various basic services, with 80 percent of the 1.4 million population can not meet the needs of their own.

'Tacit support'

Pelestina five people including three children, died as a result of air attacks marystrokes new. Israel Defense Force, attacked lecih from 500 target Hamas in Gaza since the military operation began. According to the UN, until now, about 2,000 Palestinian residents suffered injuries. Militant Palestinians still continue to unleash attacks, shoot more than 60 rocket within 24 hours. Four people injured in the city of Ashkelon, southern Israel. Four citizens of Israel killed as a result of rocket attacks that are prevented by Israel. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States, Condollezza Rice, called to be held 'long-term truce that can survive' - the armistice will not allow the occurrence of the status quo, 'which gave Hamas the opportunity to continue rocket attacks to outside Gaza. Kim Ghatas BBC journalist in Washington has not said clearly what is meant by Rice with 'armistice that can survive it, and how to reach it.

But this was shown by many circles as a tacit support given by Washington to Israel to continue military operations launched as many as possible. Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinian residents in the West Bank, participated in a demonstration Friday after feeling invocation Hamas to show furor over the attacks against Israel Gaza. The journalists said The sense of directing their ire not only to Israel but also against various government and the Arab leaders themselves did not stop the attacks because Israel. Demonstration also be launched in the entire Middle East region and in several countries in Asia, including Australia and Kenya.

Action protests launched after an Israeli air attacks strike home Nizar Rayan, a Hamas pemimpim who refused to shrink, menewaskannya and several members of his family. In a separate development, around a hundred people of foreign passport holders, especially women who are married to people Pelestina, and their children, allowed Israel to leave Gaza. BBC journalist in the Middle East, Jeremy Bowen, said during a one-week bombardment that Israel was not successful to stop Hamas rocket fire, and Israel must now decide whether to call up whether to mobilize troops land. Israel does not allow international journalists to enter Gaza, despite the Supreme Court to allow journalists into the region in limited numbers.
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Sri Lanka Kilinochchi in.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse said that the military has controlled the capital of Tamil Tiger Kilinochchi. He describes the take-over city in the north of the island as a victory not for the priceless government troops. A pro-Tamil website confirm the news, but said government troops entered "a ghost town," because rebel headquarters has been moved to other places. The journalists said the fall of the city is a big wallop for the Tamil Tiger. The city has important symbolic meaning for the Tamil Tiger, who want to make the region a separate state for minority Tamil ethnic groups. Not long after the announcement President Rajapaksa, a suicide bomber attacked the air force headquarters in the capital Colombo.

At least two people were killed and 30 people injured. During the last several months, the military of Sri Lanka approached Kilinochi. Both sides recently said to cause the other victims of the conflict in the north of the island. There has been no independent confirmation about this battle, and almost impossible to confirm the number of victims of both parties.

Bitter Battle

"We must give tribute to the soldiers that we achieve victory," said a statement on national television Rajapaksa. President of Sri Lanka urges the members of this insurgent placing weapons. Thursday, the military said that they already possess important crossroad Paranthan, a crossing in northern Kilinochchi, in a fierce battle that lasted for several hours. It is said that the army entered the small town in the joint operations are supported by combat jets, armed helicopters, artillery and mortar attacks.

According to the statement of the military, launched a series of Tamil Tiger attacks here before withdraw from the battlefield where they killed 50 fighter. According to the statement again, success means they control Paranthan decide PASOK main point to several areas strong Tamil Tiger areas in the north of Sri Lanka. Site pro-Tamil TamilNet reported on the Paranthan military occupation, the military said that the suffering of the victims, hundreds of civilians and forced displacement.

Chairman of the Tamil Tiger political wing, B Nadesan, the information to the BBC recently said they will continue to fight despite losing Kilinochchi later. This group of rebels still control areas in the east of the city Mullaitivu, although the region is now also threatened occupied government troops. The journalists said although the government is now in a position superior, but still fierce battle will occur again, and there are concerns that this will affect a large number of civilians in areas dominated Tamil Tiger. Refutes rebel troops using civilians as a shield, rejected the accusations and forced civilians to fight.
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